Cut The Cord: Never Pay To Watch Live Sports on Cable TV Again

Are you a sports fan who loves nothing but kicking back on the couch, opening a cold one and watching your favourite sports team win the match? How do you intend to watch it — on the TV coupled with a cable or satellite subscription or stream live sports on your computer or your smartphone?  […]

Streaming Services and The Features That Make a Difference

With the growing popularity of OTT services, a lot of competition has come to life in the world of digital marketing making opportunities for online streaming all the better. Without a doubt, Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video have been making it big by flaunting oodles of subscribers every month but there are small streaming players […]

Streaming Protocols: Everything You Need to Know

If given a choice, people would rather watch live stream videos then read a blog post. Typically, people are at least twice more likely to watch a live stream video than sticking to watch a standard video. And why not? Live streaming solutions are fresh, have a certain kind of personal touch, are engaging and […]

Best IPTV Boxes You Should Consider Buying in 2020

Nowadays, cord-cutters are on the rise. People are giving up their cable television and why not? With a wide array of brilliant movies, web series and other shows to choose from, it makes sense to let go of the traditional cable TV, save money and subscribe to the online services.    Let us assume that […]

What Is IPTV — Internet Protocol Television?

At one point in time or the other, you have come across the derivative of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) without even realizing it. Now, we are pretty sure that you have been watching your favorite TV show, a movie or maybe just a documentary online through Hulu, Sling, Amazon or any other network website. Guess […]

What to expect from the world of live streaming in 2020?

With the evolution in the world of digital gadgets, it seems like live streaming has taken off. The video quality has drastically improved, the adoption rates have exploded and use cases have proliferated and there seems no end to the success rate that the streaming industry is witnessing. If the numbers are to be believed, […]